Self Esteem and Weight Loss

The issue of weight loss or weight management is an issue that is often talked about in society. It has even grown into a full industry with many companies coming up with products that claim to help people lose weight. However, the issue of losing weight starts entirely with you. Once you have gained weight that you would like to shed off, you need to acknowledge that and start working out how to lose weight. With the right attitude of mind, you can achieve great results without much struggle because self-esteem is a very important thing to watch for. Self esteem is the kind of esteem that a person has for their own bodies in respect to weight loss. When you have self confidence in yourself, you can very well manage your weight easily without stress because at times, issues like stress are what bring about weight gain to people. Therefore, you need to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and see the person you want to become after losing weight. It all starts in the mind before you action it.

Self image is the kind of image that you hold for yourself and if this image is a negative one, you will find yourself spending more time being sad and blaming other people for your problems and weight gain instead of directing that energy into losing weight. When you start focusing your attention to other matters that are not relevant to you losing weight, you tend to stray away from your goal of shedding those few pounds or kilos. The human brain works very well and if that kind of energy is tapped positively by having self esteem, you will find it easy to lose weight and get to your desired size sooner rather than later. Before physically doing anything, the idea of doing it is born in the brain and so self esteem becomes a great starting point for losing weight. After an individual has managed to have this kind of esteem, they find it simple to start formulating and creating ways and means of losing the unnecessary weight instead of blaming other people. With this esteem comes self confidence which is another great tool to accomplish anything in life. You will not need other people to tell you what you can or cannot do.

The kind of person you see when you look at the mirror matters a lot when it comes to accomplishing your ideal weight. Instead of looking at yourself and seeing this ugly fat person, you can choose to see a person who is of the desired weight and size and hence train your mind to work towards that. This is the right kind of self image that is being talked about. Without it, you will tend to focus your thoughts on that ugly fat person you might think you are and miss the opportunity of seeing this beautiful person inside. It is said that everything that man does is a manifestation of his thoughts and it even half of that is true, why not try to make such images ad thoughts positive ones? Instead of waiting for other people to tell you who you are and what you cannot be, you need to understand it is your life and you are in control of it. You are in control of your environment and not vice versa. Therefore with the right self esteem, you can lose weight and be the person you want. You should always have self worth and self regard before letting other people determine who you are. Practice having self esteem and notice just how easy things become for you.

The Cinch Diet And How It Works

In today’s day and age, obesity is a huge problem especially since most of us have adopted the quick and easy meal attitude which does not necessarily provide our bodies with the essential nutrients that it requires. A fast paced lifestyle with no time to plan healthy meals takes its toll after a while leading to obesity and other related problems. The Cinch diet is a revolutionary idea that follows the no-starvation rule and keeps you satisfied within the framework of your meal plan. This diet focuses on what is important for the body to keep it satiated yet healthy which most other diets fail to achieve.

The Cinch Diet – The First Few Days

The first few days of the Cinch Diet are extremely important and can serve as a motivational factor for the rest of the plan. In this phase you have access to five foods – raspberries, spinach, eggs, yogurt and almonds. These foods are chosen specifically because they have the ability to keep a person satiated and at the same time not be responsible for a high calorie intake. Every person has a unique body with a different metabolism and system structure. Therefore weight loss differs but it is said that in the first 5 days of the Cinch Diet you may be able to shed close to 7 pounds. Another very important aspect of this first phase is the detoxification that your body will go through. Toxins hamper the normal functioning of the body and make it difficult for it to reach its optimal weight. The first few days of detoxification rid the body of unwanted substances so that an internal balance is achieved.

The Cinch Diet – Phase 2
After the first 5 days of the Cinch Diet, you will have to launch into the second phase, the ground rules of which are based on increasing the variety of your daily intake by adding foods that help increase the metabolic rate of the body and help it burn fat faster. In this phase, the food that you will consume will be a good mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat which will help you lose weight without feeling starved. The few important things associated with the diet at this stage is to lose weight consistently, feel full throughout the day and avoid hunger pangs by keeping blood sugar levels stable and maximize nutrition to make sure you do not lose your hair, nails and the luster of your skin. The Cinch Diet leaves nothing to chance by providing an excellent variety of recipes for you to refer to, so that you never get bored of eating the same thing cooked again and again in the same old boring way.

The Cinch Diet – Pros
The most important advantage of the Cinch diet is that it is nutritive as well as satisfying which means that you never go to bed hungry. Very few diet plans can boast of this. The Cinch Diet is super easy to follow and completely eliminates the cumbersome process of keeping a tab on calories. Another big advantage of the Cinch Diet is that it caters to vegans and vegetarians as well. For chocolate lovers, this is the perfect diet as a certain amount of dark chocolate can be incorporated into the diet at any time of the day. For most people, food is a means to a better emotional make-up. Research shows that a lot of obese people eat when they are not hungry because of some kind of emotional deficit in their lives. The Cinch Diet is an excellent option for such people because problems of emotional eating are dealt with in this plan.

The Cinch Diet – Drawbacks
Like most other diets, there is a chance that you may regain all your weight if you don’t make significant changes in your lifestyle. The Cinch Diet may allow chocolate and will allow you to feel full but there will be no results if a structured plan is not followed. A lot of people have a problem functioning within a strict framework and for them this diet may not work. In order to produce variety in meal plans, some effort has to be put into preparing meals which a lot of people find difficult to do either because they have no time or simply don’t have the inclination to cook. The Cinch Diet can fall through if there are too many meals had outside at a restaurant as no matter how well you explain your needs to the waiter, unhealthy foods have a way of sneaking into your meals.

The Cohen Diet

For many people who are overweight the question of how to lose and maintain a healthy body weight is a difficult one to answer.  There are a seemingly endless number of diets, weight loss drugs, and various other programs that promise to help you lose weight.  With so many choices finding the right one can be very difficult.  Extreme diets that emphasize a drastic reduction in calories are unsustainable, and weight loss drugs can have undesirable side effects.

With those two options taken out of the equation the problem now becomes finding something that will work and will do so without any negative side effects.  One of the best options available today for people seeking a healthy and sustainable way to lose weight is the Cohen diet.  Developed over twenty five years ago by Dr. R Cohen, the Cohen diet has helped many people to safely lose weight and achieve a healthier life style.

What makes the Cohen diet unique is that it is tailored for each individual using a small blood sample.  By treating each person as an individual and developing a diet plan that is specific for them, the Cohen diet is able to achieve remarkable results in short periods of time.
The problem that most diet programs have is that their requirements are difficult too, which ultimately leads to failure in most cases.  Drastic reductions in calorie intake will lead to weight loss.  Unfortunately this is not only an unhealthy way to lose weight, but once normal eating habits are restored the person on this type of diet will regain the weight they have lost.

There are also diets that emphasize a low carbohydrate and high protein diet.  The problems here are that eating such an unbalanced diet can lead to the body not receiving the proper nutrition.  The higher consumption of fats associated with this type of diet can also have a negative impact on cholesterol.  With the Cohen diet there is no need to drastically reduce your calorie intake or cut out carbohydrates.  The Cohen diet emphasizes a healthy, well balanced diet that is uniquely tailored for each individual.  Best of all there is no need to purchase expensive or exotic foods.  The foods needed for the Cohen diet are the everyday foods that can be purchased at any grocery store.  By eating a healthy and well balanced diet the hunger and other undesirable side effects of other diets are eliminated.

Weight loss drugs are another option that many people who are overweight consider.  While these drugs may be effective they may also cause undesirable side effects.  There are also various types of surgical options that many people consider.  However all surgeries pose significant risks.  Any time that a patient undergoes general anesthesia there is a risk.  In addition you have to consider the risks of infection, and the recovery time involved.

With the Cohen diet there are no drugs or injections or any type of drugs involved.  There is no risk of infection, there is no recovery time.  The Cohen diet has no side effects or risks, it has only positive effects upon people.  With the risks and side effects involved with other weight loss options it should be clear that they are poor choices.  Instead why not choose a weight loss program that is proven and that has no negative side effects? Why not choose the highly effective and safe option, the Cohen diet?

For over twenty five years the Cohen diet has helped people to safely and effectively lose weight.  Starting with a small blood sample Dr. Cohen personally oversees each diet plan helping to ensure that each participant has the best chance of reaching their weight loss goals.  There are not expensive drugs to buy, and there are no risky medical procedures involved.  Instead there is a diet that is specific for each person that is designed to help them quickly lose weight.  By attaining a healthier body weight many patients see a significant overall improvement in their health.

It’s common for people on the Cohen diet to report lower blood pressure, more energy, a reduction in cholesterol, and a reduction in cellulite.  With a proven track record of helping people to achieve a healthier body weight, the Cohen diet is a great choice for anyone looking to lose weight.

How To Lose Weight Using Dukan Diet

How to lose weight is the problem of a majority of the people all over the world. If you search the internet you are sure to come across numerous suggestions. When you meet your friends at the weekend, each and everyone is ready to give you a lot of suggestions. Some ask you to go on a fast and some ask you to go to a gym and work yourself out. Almost all diet plans help in reducing weight, but the problem is that when you go back to your normal dieting habits, you will regain the lost pounds. The best diet plan is a plan that keeps you slim and fit forever.

The Dukan diet is a popular diet plan formulated by a French doctor Pierre Dukan. The special feature of the diet plan is that you need not sacrifice your favorite dishes to lose weight. This diet plan makes sure that the weight lost is not regained. Let us see how. The Dukan diet plan is divided into four stages. The first two stages reduces the weight and the next two stages maintains the same weight. The four stages are called by Dukan as attack, cruise. consolidation and stabilization. They are explained below.

Phase 1 – Attack
The attack stage consists of a purely protein menu. He gives a long list of protein rich foods that can be eaten. The list includes poultry, fish, eggs, all types of seafood, and beef etc. The diet plan at this stage strictly prohibits fat. The meat, poultry and beef should be free from fat and should not be cooked in oil. You can take dairy products but they should be fat-free or should have a very low fat content. Drinking at least one and a half liters of water is compulsory. You can take black tea or green tea without adding milk.

Phase 2 – Cruise
In this stage plenty of vegetables should be added to the diet. The vegetables include broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms, sprouts, spinach and all types of vegetables that have no or little starch content. The vegetables are an addition to the pure protein diet. How many pounds do you want to lose? Dukan plan suggests that for every pound you want to lose, you should follow this protein plus vegetable for three days. The diet should be continued till the target is reached.

Phase 3 – Consolidation
This phase is very important because the body may regain the lost pounds in this stage. Dukan is very strict about the timescale set for this stage. He sets 4-5 days for every pound lost in the first two stages. In this stage you should add fresh fruits to the diet. Cheese, starchy vegetables and two celebration meals are allowed in this phase. Make sure that your celebration meals are not on the same day and are not consecutive. Give a break before going for next celebration.

Phase 4 – Stabilization
This is the phase that is permanent and you are supposed to follow this for the rest of your life. Dukan advises to follow some rules to maintain your ideal weight. The first one is every Thursdays should be a protein only day. The next one is include oat bran in your meals. Oats are rich in fiber that the protein rich food lacks. The third one is to avoid lifts and escalators and use stairs whenever and wherever possible.

The Dukan diet plan has both advantages and disadvantages. The benefits are that the plan does work and you are sure to see a notable difference in your weight. He gives importance in maintaining the ideal weight. The diet plan is loved by the non-vegetarians who hate diet plans that follow a strict vegetarian diet. It is easy to follow and the diet does not leave you craving for food.

The cons of Dukan diet are that it has some side effects like high cholesterol, risk of gout due to protein rich diet and constipation etc. It is expensive. It is not suitable for all. It is not advisable for pregnant women and people who have liver and kidney problems.

Atkins diet also focuses on proteins, but it does not avoid fat and oils. Those who follow Dukan diet lose weight fast, whereas, people following plans like weight watchers lose weight slowly. Dukan diet plan promotes self control that is very important in losing weight. As the plan is divided into four stages, it motivates the people more than any other plans.

All about the Blood Group Diet

Everyone everywhere wants to have a good and healthy body. The way one feeds highly determines the state at which his/her health is. Proper feeding and exercise contribute a lot to the ultimate good health of any individual. There are many diets that are good for the individual’s well being if strictly adhered to. The blood group diet is one of them. In this type of diet, the individuals specific diet highly determines the foods that he/she is supposed to take. By eating the right foods for the specific blood type, research has shown that weight loss is possible.

Nutritional experts have researched and found out that each individual’s blood group highly determines how the body deals with different nutrients. Their theory is based on the fact that each and every blood group uses it’s own unique antigen marker which reacts badly to different foods leading to health problems in the body. The level of stomach acidity and digestive enzymes is also associated with the specific blood type of the individual. The blood group diet ensures that the individual” body absorbs and digests food more efficiently if it followed correctly. This diet plan becomes very funny at some point because the researchers believe that because every blood group evolved at different times, the foods eaten by people who have that blood group should eat foods that are related to the blood group’s ancestors.

The first blood group to be identified is the blood group O. Based on what the researchers say, people with this blood group should eat food that are associated with the typical hunters and gatherers. People with this blood group are supposed to follow diets with high protein foods. The diet should however be free from any diary products and with lots of fish and meat products. There should also be no wheat products in this diet. To compliment this diet, the individual is advised to exercise a lot and take plenty of fluids.

The blood group A has the most individuals in the world. According to the same researchers, the ancestors who were first identified with this blood group were farmers. The ancestors used to eat a lot of whole grain cereals and fruits with little or no meats. As with the other blood group we have discussed above, it is advised that individuals with this blood group take little or no dairy products. This means that the individuals should take foods like nuts,seeds, cereals, pasta, fruits and vegetables. The individuals should take exercises as well. The specified exercises for people in this group are yoga and golf.

There are not many people who have blood group B. The researchers indicate that people with this blood group take all the different foods. The only foods that should be avoided are processed foods. Food rich in carbon should be eaten in small amounts as well. Nutritional experts advice that people with this blood group do exercises that have mental components like hiking, walking and swimming.

People with blood group AB should eat foods associated with both groups a A and B. This can be quite mixing to the individual because these two groups do not recommend the same type of foods. Type B allows one to eat a variety of foods while type A goes for the vegetarian diet. The experts however advise that the type AB’s should follow a vegetarian diet most of the time with some meats, fish and dairy meats occasionally. When it comes to exercise, the individuals need to combine exercises like yoga and golf with moderate intense activities.

The positive thing about following this diet is that the individual is able cut on junk foods intake which is good for weight checking. However, if followed to the latter, it might also lead to a decrease in very many nutrients that the body might need. In fact following it strictly means that the person is missing out on a lot of nutrients and is definitely not eating a balanced diet. This alone can bring about medical and nutrient complications to the person in the long run which is not a good thing at all. Anyone who wants to follow this diet needs to carefully look at the above factors before fully committing himself/herself.

The Harcombe Diet. What Diet Plan Experts Don’t Tell You

The Harcombe diet is the latest breakthrough of thorough research and diet plan investigation. You may have heard about people telling that in order to lose weight, you need to take lesser calories and do more exercise. Well, this is the old advice that caused millions of Americans to become obese and gain excessive amounts of weight. In actuality, this diet plan is the result of extensive research that took scientist and nutritionist 20 years of analysis. This is not your typical diet plan that tells you to eat less and do more. There are particular phases that you need to understand in order to get the marvelous results from this well researched diet plan.

This diet plan consists of 3 major phases that will certainly enliven your dream of having a slimmer body. Unlike the renowned ‘calorie theory’ advised to most individuals starting on the path of losing weight, this diet has got three major phases that will teach you to eat only the real foods. What do I mean by real foods? Those foods that nature intends you to consume as a human being. You have it correctly – those fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy meat. If we take things naturally in sufficient amount for our human body to survive, there would be no slots for unnecessary stored fats and calories. This may seem to be very surprising but the 20-year extensive research has proven it.

First phase:

The first phase of this diet tackles the initial weight loss by getting into an effective routine by observing a new diet plan. In short, you stop your past routine of taking lesser calories. A lot of people find this very challenging because their body and mind has accustomed to the old calorie theory which makes them victims of the old false rules. As a matter of fact, the old diet advice that you get from people is the main cause of obesity. In other words, eating less and doing more can never heal the growing weight problems you have. Following the old false rule might get you into trouble. A sad fact but already penetrated the diet arena of people taking weight loss programs.

Second phase:

This is the phase where you actuality get the long term weight loss part of the diet plan. This will bear the key to reach your ultimate goal; losing weight. The main focus of this phase is to remove all your present fat cravings caused by food intolerance and candida. The phase focuses more on the psychological matter of the one taking on this diet.

When the craving is reduced or significantly removed, it wouldn’t be hard to take all the healthy foods that nature intends you to eat. This phase is simple but never easy. You need to fight your cravings and emotional attraction towards the foods that you usually enjoy – that could be a great battle between your goal and your inner desire.

Third phase:

This phase is unique. This is where you stop following the diet and take on to the normal eating of healthy foods that nature intends you to take. In this way, your body and mind is programmed to such a way that you no longer crave for chocolates and sweet cakes.  What are targeted on this phase are your will and your mind. As you can observe, the diet focuses more on the psychological matters and mind setting on the individual and pushing the individual to take the natural and original way of how human beings take foods from their natural habitat. Some of the approaches of Harcombe are very similar to Medifast’s approach.

This diet takes courage and determination. What it really focuses on are your attitudes in taking full responsibility over your body weight. Besides, you can’t blame anyone but yourself. Your desire to get a slimmer body will be put to the test. This is where you can assess the real you and your attitude towards the foods you consume. As always, nothing beats  what nature intends for us.The Harcombe diet is the latest diet that anyone can follow without actually taking the old false rules of losing weight and eliminating obesity in our society.

The Kardashian Diet – The Matabolic Makeover

The Kardashian diet is a highly controversial one as Kim Kardashian who appears to be a goddess when it comes to fitness promotes products that show results, but may not necessarily be good for the body. She says she follows the diet herself and takes the supplements that she endorses.

The Kardashian Diet – What Its About

The Kardashian Diet is actually a very simple plan as there isn’t much to it. Kim says she works out for an hour each day without fail and limits her intake of refined carbohydrates and unnecessary sugars. In addition to this she consumes large amounts of fruits and vegetables each day. Her breakfast consists of complex carbohydrates like oatmeal and protein like eggs and turkey. In addition to a healthy breakfast, her preferred method of cooking for lunch and dinner is grilling. She also speaks about supplements like Burn & Cleanse and Extreme Burn which she takes as well. Burn & Cleanse is a supplement that takes a fortnight for the results to show and Extreme Burn gets to work within 48 hours showing excellent results. The Kardashian Diet is a mix of exercising regularly, healthy eating and supplements that aid in weight loss.

The Kardashian Diet – Supplements

A lot of people are skeptical about supplements because you never know what they may contain. But these supplements are an essential part of the Kardashian Diet and Kim swears by them. Kim says that she does not ask people to take the supplements and then eat whatever they like. She says that the supplement must be complimented by a healthy lifestyle in which you eat controlled amounts and varieties of food and stick to a healthy exercise regimen. According to Kim, she takes Burn and Cleanse when she is not in a hurry to lose weight. Burn and Cleanse helps lose weight over a fortnight and also detoxify the body. On the other hand, according to Kim, if you are in a hurry to lose weight because you have a shoot or you’re attending an important function, Extreme Burn is the way to go because it shows results overnight.

The Kardashian Diet – Pros

The Kardashian diet advocates healthy eating and exercise along with supplements. Healthy eating amalgamated with an exercise routine is excellent for the body. Another pro of the Kardashian diet is the immediate action of the supplements. 14 days or 48 hours is record time for any diet to show results. The fact that the supplements are safe or not is another issue. But they definitely do deliver results in a short period of time which no other diet can really claim.

The Kardashian Diet – Drawbacks

The supplements Kim talks about in her diet contain Caffeine, White Willow Bark, Herbal Laxatives and Piperine. Caffeine is a diuretic and its effect becomes even more powerful with White Willow and Piperine. Large amounts of coffee can be seriously harmful to the body resulting in mental and physical problems such as nervousness, high blood pressure, insomnia, dehydration, acidity and acid reflux, shaking hands, palpitation, irritability and many other serious issues. To have to risk all of this to lose weight is definitely not worth it.

It is likely that you will regain all weight lost once you stop the supplements because the weight lost is mostly water. There is a very delicate balance between the organs in the human body. Herbal laxatives make the food move faster through the intestine which can lead to more problems like malabsorption of important nutrients. When the body does not receive any nutrients, hair, nails and skin are affected badly. It is possible that you may lose your hair and your skin may become dull and lifeless. Prolonged use of laxatives have shown kidney malfunction because of toxicity to the liver.

The Kardashian Diet is more a short term thing which may work but will not see you to the finish line. The claim that the supplements make is unreal because it is unsafe to lose more than a certain amount of body weight in a week. The Kardashian Diet does not speak about how to maintain weight loss after you have reached your target weight. There is no way someone can take supplements for the rest of their lives.

The Oatmeal Diet

To balance your diet naturally while losing weight you need fiber in your diet. Fiber helps with the digestive process and at the same time help draw nutrients needed by your body from the food consumed. The best example of a plant with both insoluble and soluble fiber is oats; these fibers are necessary for your diet. Oatmeal diet is the best program if you want to lose weight plus staying healthy at the same time.

The soluble fiber acts by reducing low-density lipoproteins concentration, this compound is known to build up inside the arteries and eventually result in blockage or a clot. Lowering of low-density lipoprotein will result in increasing of the concentration of high-density lipoprotein. This cholesterol is necessary for removal of artery blockage from the heart. The insoluble fiber helps with constipation; oatmeal helps soften your stool as it has nutrients like cellulose and lignin. Oatmeal provides you with the necessary minerals, antioxidants and vitamins for your body to function perfectly. Oatmeal is a great source of iron, protein and complex carbohydrates.

The Oatmeal diet-plan is a mono-food based diet which excludes the use of other foods for up to 30 days. Oatmeal is nutritious and reduces your appetite thus acting as a good carbohydrates source. So for the weight loss to be maintained for a long time it is crucial for you to be keen on your lifestyle and other parts of your nutrition.

The Oatmeal Diet basics
If you follow this 30-day diet plan strictly by consuming three oat meals plus a low-fat snack, you could loose up to 5lb per week

Sample oatmeal diet plan
Here is an oatmeal diet plan you should follow,

* An apple
* A tablespoon of raisins
* A half a cup of skim milk
* A half a cup of oatmeal

The Morning snack includes a half a cup of blueberries, bananas, apples, strawberries, seedless graes and oranges.

* A half a cup of low fat yoghurt
* A half a cup of oatmeal
* Baked green-beans

The afternoon snack includes a half a cup of raw fresh vegetables like slices of green peppers, celery sticks, and carrot sticks. Keep way from melons and high-starchy food like potatoes.

* A half a cup of oatmeal
* Large green-salads
* 4oz of grilled chicken-breast

For the first seven days you should consume oatmeal only, a half a cup of oatmeal daily at the initial stage plus you should keep away from processed oatmeal and instant oatmeal and oatmeal snacks. If you have to drink milk with your oatmeal, just take half a cup of skim or fat free milk and nothing more. Make sure that your calories intake is between 900-1,200 calories.

The 30-day oatmeal diet should contain three meals daily plus a half a cup of cooked-oatmeal. After the seven days you can eat instant oatmeal, but ensure that the sugar and fat content of the meal is below 300 calories. After the seven days your calories intake should have raised up to between 1,000-1,300 calories.

If possible start your day with exercise and last for up to 30 minutes daily at least three times a week. While on this diet, you should keep away form salt, oil, sugar, vegetables like grapes, bananas and potatoes, high-glycemic fruits and make sure you drink up to two liters of water daily for those 30 days.

After the 30 days, you will start weaning yourself slowly using a low-fat diet as implemented by oatmeal and one oatmeal serving and one oatmeal snack instead of the other. After weaning yourself and returning to normal eating it is recommended that you eat turkey, fish, chicken breast, club soda, lettuce, carrots, apples, berries and skim milk.


* Oatmeal contains high concentrations of soluble fiber, this helps reduce your appetite while you are on the diet by bringing the fullness feeling after each meal.
* As a cholesterol lowering solution, oatmeal has demonstrated to lower the concentration of bad cholesterol while not affecting the good cholesterol. This has helps reduce chances of suffering from stroke.
* The low-glycemic carbohydrates present in oatmeal help by promoting the stable blood-sugar levels.
* Oatmeal contains lignans, this is a phytonutrient responsible for improvement of your heartís health.
* Oats are not expensive.


* The drastic change of normal eating pattern during the first week of the diet is not easy for many individuals to adjust.
* The lack of a variety of food to choose from as a replacement limits you from getting the adequate nutrition.
* The calories consumption while on the diet is below the recommended level for a healthy and safe weight losing process.

An Overview of The Prasouda Diet

The Prasouda diet or the Mediterranean diet consists of lots of legumes, vegetables and fruits. It discourages the eating of supplements, special diet pills and readymade foods. People who follow prasouda diet eat lots of fish, olive oil, grains, wine, nuts and dairy products such as yogurt and cheese. However, the amount of meat will be very less in this diet. Fast foods, processed foods, etc will also be excluded from this diet. Followers of Mediterranean diet use less salt and they drink a minimum 1.5 liters of water every day. They consume lots of fiber rich foods, complex carbohydrates like whole wheat flour and unprocessed foods.

Simple Prasouda Diet Plan


As per Mediterranean diet, you can use grapefruit, slice of whole wheat toast and a glass of orange juice for breakfast. You can use avocado salad along with a glass of ice tea for lunch, fresh grapes and some seasonal fresh fruits for afternoon snack and baked fish, cheese, potatoes, steamed fresh green beans and almonds and a glass of red wine for dinner.


Fresh melon along with orange juice and bran muffin can be used for breakfast in Monday. Banana boat salad, whole wheat crackers and a glass of ice tea can be used for lunch, seasonal fresh fruits for afternoon snacks, and chicken baked in Marinara sauce, steamed spinach, white rice, whole wheat bread slice, a cup of sorbet, a glass of white wine, or berry juice can be used for dinner.


You can use one blueberry muffin, small bowl of bran flakes and a glass of orange juice for breakfast, chicken salad, which consists of carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce with chunks of chicken and lemonade or ice tea for lunch, berry flavored yogurt in afternoon and spaghetti, tossed salad, ice tea, a glass of wine or lemonade for dinner.


Use small oatmeal along with a cup of oatmeal muffin, hot tea for breakfast, sesame seed bun with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and mustard salad, a pod of grapes and a glass of berry juice for lunch, berry flavored yogurt for afternoon snack and fresh fruit salad, which is prepared by using melons, nuts, bananas, pineapples, grapes, and a drink of your choice for dinner.


Egg with orange slices, slices of whole wheat toast and a glass of fresh grape juice can be used for breakfast in Thursday. You can use slice of turkey and a glass of lemonade for lunch, fresh fruits and nuts for afternoon snacks and chicken kiev with white rice, watermelon and fresh fruit juice for dinner.


You can include boiled egg, slice of cranberry bread and a glass of orange juice for breakfast, tomato stuffed with tuna salad, wheat crackers, lemonade or ice tea for lunch, seasonal fresh fruits for afternoon snacks and grilled chicken, baked potatoes, watermelon and a glass of fresh juice for dinner.


Foods for Saturday include a cup of peaches, egg with cheese, a glass of orange juice for breakfast, mixed strawberry and banana covered with milk for lunch, cheese sticks with lean turkey for afternoon snacks and steak fries, fresh garden salad, steamed green beans, a glass of red wine for dinner.

You should also include lots of oily fishes such as mackerel, tuna, salmon, whitebait, sardines, sea bass, swordfish, red mullet, shrimp, prawn, mussels, lobster, crab, etc in your diet.

Health Benefits of The Prasouda Diet

The Prasouda diet is highly beneficial for reducing weight safely. It is also effective for reducing the risks of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, diabetes, cancer and psychological complications. People who follow The Mediterranean diet consume lots of vegetables and fruits with every meal. The intake of fish will also be very high, which keeps you healthy always. The Prasouda diet is rich source of antioxidants, which is highly beneficial for fighting against cancer. Antioxidants are also effective for combating free radicals.

Your body will also get plenty of carotenoids if you follow this diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants contain lots of carotenoids. They are beneficial for protecting your body from mutilation due to light and oxygen. Sweet potatoes and carrots are rich sources of carotenoids.

The intake of monounsaturated fat or food fat is also very high with a Mediterranean diet. These can be found in virgin olive oil and canola oil. Intake of high amounts of phytochemicals is the other major benefit of the Mediterranean diet. These compounds are beneficial for fighting against all types of harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

The Prasouda diet is also beneficial for decreasing the risk of increasing cholesterol, rebound weight gain, heart diseases, etc. It is also good for treating kidney diseases.

Drawbacks of Prasouda Diet

The Mediterranean diet may leads to nutritional deficiency, which is the major problem of this diet.

All about The Tracy Anderson diet

No one hates to have a good looking tanned body. To have a good looking body however needs one to be very determined in taking the right foods and also in dieting. Exercises also play a very big role in achieving the same. There are many diet options that people who are willing to cut weight and have bodies that are looking fabulous can follow. Many people associate good looking bodies with celebrities. Many celebrities have fabulous looking bodies which are a lot of their fans’ envy. They also go through rigorous exercise and diet plans to achieve the good curves and look.

The celebrities are trained by professionals who are themselves experienced in this field. Tracy Anderson is one of such trainers. She has managed to cut a niche as the most famous and effective celebrities trainer by training a number if celebrities including Shakira, Madonna, Courtney Cox and many others. She has a thirty day training technique that she guarantees will transform the trainees’ body into a dancer’s in less than the specified period. Contrary to most work outs, this specific one is tailored towards the smaller accessory muscles and not the bigger muscles like biceps and hamstrings.

The Tracy Anderson diet is made to assist in maximum fat burning and also muscle redesign. The thirty day program requires one to follow it  on a daily basis. The original make Tracy Anderson likes to refer to it as the lifestyle menu. She also describes  it like a delicious easy to prepare menu that one can make with even the busiest of schedules. In the menus she advocates for, the individual is supposed to reduce carbohydrate intake and concentrate more on grains and starchy vegetables. The individual is not restrained from taking desserts although it should be done in moderation. Fresh fruits are recommended for the individual mostly.

The Tracy Anderson diet mainly concentrates on giving the individual the best combination of foods and exercises that will ensure that she gets the best body shape and also strong bones. It is also advised that the individual following the diet plan has a regular intake of foods that are rich in calcium and phosphorous. The Tracy Anderson diet also comes with a separate vegetarians’ food menu. The final five days of the menu involve where the user is guided on how to effectively reduce weight  without necessarily having to rely on supplements and powders.

This diet has a strategy that assures individuals following it that they can lose five or even more pounds per week. The best thing with this diet plan is that it involves recipes with real foods that are readily available anywhere. Most of the foods have a high intake of fruits, vegetables and also lean protein. Another good thing is that portions are not controlled which makes it very appropriate as the individual can take even bigger portions. This diet plan is actually designed to give the individual enough nutrition and calories so as to achieve the best. However, the individual is required to strictly adhere to the eating timetable and should not eat unless really hungry.

After successfully accomplishing this diet plan, the owner can return to eating his/her favorite foods liberally. This is good as compared with other models, it becomes hard for the person following it to even have a taste of his/her favorite snack. However, it is required that the individual continues to exercise regularly so as to keep in shape and form. The fact that the owner of this diet plan has trained celebrities whom we regularly see on our TV screens and magazines shows that this diet plan is workable if followed strictly.

The exercises also do not involve a lot of time to do. Most of them are at an average of forty minutes which makes them very suitable for people with busy schedules. The instructions are also very easy to follow and also very enjoyable. Combined with the excellent menu and recipes, this is the most appropriate diet plan for all people who want to achieve a good looking body that will not strain them a lot in achieving. Everybody who wants to achieve a good looking body should actually embrace using this diet plan.