All about the Blood Group Diet

Everyone everywhere wants to have a good and healthy body. The way one feeds highly determines the state at which his/her health is. Proper feeding and exercise contribute a lot to the ultimate good health of any individual. There are many diets that are good for the individual’s well being if strictly adhered to. The blood group diet is one of them. In this type of diet, the individuals specific diet highly determines the foods that he/she is supposed to take. By eating the right foods for the specific blood type, research has shown that weight loss is possible.

Nutritional experts have researched and found out that each individual’s blood group highly determines how the body deals with different nutrients. Their theory is based on the fact that each and every blood group uses it’s own unique antigen marker which reacts badly to different foods leading to health problems in the body. The level of stomach acidity and digestive enzymes is also associated with the specific blood type of the individual. The blood group diet ensures that the individual” body absorbs and digests food more efficiently if it followed correctly. This diet plan becomes very funny at some point because the researchers believe that because every blood group evolved at different times, the foods eaten by people who have that blood group should eat foods that are related to the blood group’s ancestors.

The first blood group to be identified is the blood group O. Based on what the researchers say, people with this blood group should eat food that are associated with the typical hunters and gatherers. People with this blood group are supposed to follow diets with high protein foods. The diet should however be free from any diary products and with lots of fish and meat products. There should also be no wheat products in this diet. To compliment this diet, the individual is advised to exercise a lot and take plenty of fluids.

The blood group A has the most individuals in the world. According to the same researchers, the ancestors who were first identified with this blood group were farmers. The ancestors used to eat a lot of whole grain cereals and fruits with little or no meats. As with the other blood group we have discussed above, it is advised that individuals with this blood group take little or no dairy products. This means that the individuals should take foods like nuts,seeds, cereals, pasta, fruits and vegetables. The individuals should take exercises as well. The specified exercises for people in this group are yoga and golf.

There are not many people who have blood group B. The researchers indicate that people with this blood group take all the different foods. The only foods that should be avoided are processed foods. Food rich in carbon should be eaten in small amounts as well. Nutritional experts advice that people with this blood group do exercises that have mental components like hiking, walking and swimming.

People with blood group AB should eat foods associated with both groups a A and B. This can be quite mixing to the individual because these two groups do not recommend the same type of foods. Type B allows one to eat a variety of foods while type A goes for the vegetarian diet. The experts however advise that the type AB’s should follow a vegetarian diet most of the time with some meats, fish and dairy meats occasionally. When it comes to exercise, the individuals need to combine exercises like yoga and golf with moderate intense activities.

The positive thing about following this diet is that the individual is able cut on junk foods intake which is good for weight checking. However, if followed to the latter, it might also lead to a decrease in very many nutrients that the body might need. In fact following it strictly means that the person is missing out on a lot of nutrients and is definitely not eating a balanced diet. This alone can bring about medical and nutrient complications to the person in the long run which is not a good thing at all. Anyone who wants to follow this diet needs to carefully look at the above factors before fully committing himself/herself.

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