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Low Carbohydrates Food List

One thing I learned when researching the recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner is that it is best not to put all carbs together. It is much better to list the ‘good’ carbs and the ‘bad’ carbs separately. Good carbs do not cause the sudden rise in blood sugar levels that bad ones do. These complex carbohydrates will make you feel fuller for longer and less likely to have an energy high followed by a rapid energy low.

Foods on the list will mostly be complex carbohydrates or good carbs. Good carbs are foods that are unrefined and close to their natural state. Bad carbs or simple carbohydrates are foods that have been very refined such as white bread, sugary foods, white rice and pasta. There are of course some foods which fall somewhere in between.

When embarking on a low-carb diet to loose stomach fat, the majority of your foods should be in the form of non starchy vegetables and salad greens. Non-starchy vegetables are low in calories while containing a wealth of nutrients like antioxidants and fibre. The following list of vegetables are considered a very good low carb choice: artichokes, alfalfa sprouts, asparagus, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, chard, cucumber, eggplant, green beans, kale, leeks, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, radishes, snow peas, spinach, summer squash, tomato and zucchini. Non-starchy vegetables such as these will also help as an appetite suppressant as they keep you full for longer.

Eating fruit needs to be limited as some fruits contain fairly high levels of simple carbohydrates or bad carbs. Fruits, which have the lowest carb count, are: apples, apricots, blackberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, cranberries, grapefruit, guava, peaches, raspberries, rhubarb and strawberries. Depending on the type of low-carb diet your on, some of these fruits may not be allowed. Always check with the diet you have selected before choosing your foods.

All meats are low in carbs apart from offal and organ meats such as liver. Animal products are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Red meat is low carb, which includes, beef, pork and lamb. Eggs, seafood and poultry are low carb as long as no other carbs are added in the cooking process. As these foods are all protein based they are a vital part of a low-carb diet. Processed meats such as sausages and ham may contain added carbohydrates and so should be avoided or only be eaten occasionally.

One ingredient that needs to be limited due to its sugar content is milk. Since many people suffer with lactose intolerance, substituting cows milk with soya milk as a good alternative because it is lower in sugar than cows milk. However cheese and some other dairy products are allowed such as butter. Cheese is a good source of calcium and protein in the diet and very useful if on a low carb diet. Eggs in particular top the list of low carb high protein foods. They make a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner and are very versatile.

Foods made from soybeans are also low in carbohydrates. Soy foods are high in phytoestrogens, a naturally occurring estrogen. They are also rich in plant based protein, calcium and vitamins A and D. As well as substituting milk with soya, foods such as tofu, tempeh and soya ice cream are all low carb. Make sure the product you are buying is unsweetened as this can increase the carb value.

And finally on the list are fats. To be able to eat fats while on a weight loss diet seems to go against all previous advice. Fats are carb free, but if using fats be sure to use the healthy, unsaturated ones. Unsaturated fats include the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated varieties. These fats contain antioxidants that can help the body work more efficiently. Choose plant-based fats such as canola, sunflower, olive and peanut oils.

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Low Carb Dinner Recipes

If you’re like me then dinner will probably be your main meal of the day. So For this reason it needs to be satisfying and nutritious. Being on a low carbohydrates diet doesn’t mean that your dinner needs to be any different and we can incorporate many belly fat burning foods.

Once you’ve got to grips with the foods that you can and cannot eat on a low carb diet, you will see that most main meals can be adapted in some way to be made low carb. If you are going to stick to any diet it is important that you enjoy the food you eat and have plenty of variety to stop becoming bored. Here I have made some dinner suggestions to do just that.

When embarking on a low carb diet it is well worth stocking up on a few staple foods first, so that you are never without the right foods. This includes flavorings such as herbs and spices, olive oil, eggs, no-sugar added oil and vinegar dressing and cheeses. A good selection of low carb vegetables in the freezer such as spinach, green beans and diced onion will ensure you always have an accompaniment for your dinner dish.

Depending on the type of diet you are on, some diets allow wholemeal bread, brown rice, wholemeal pita bread and whole meal tortillas. These ingredients can be very useful to add to your meal. These are what are known as complex carbs or good carbs as opposed to simple carbohydrates, which are the bad carbs.

Some low carb diets promote high protein, low carb foods, while others talk about low fat, low carb foods. Whichever type of diet you are following the main bulk of your foods will come from, meat, fish, shell fish, non-starchy vegetables, salad vegetables and some dairy foods. It is surprising just how little you will not be allowed on a low carb diet. If opting for a low fat, low carb diet, then low fat cheeses and very lean meat should be chosen instead of their full fat options.

If wanting a starter with your low carb dinner, making a salad of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese makes a light and tasty starter. If your having a dinner party this can be made to look very impressive by making a tomato and mozzarella tower. Simply place some salad leaves on a plate and alternate slices of tomato drizzled with olive oil with slices of mozzarella. Add some basil leaves for extra flavor.

Another great starter for your diet is soup. Most ready prepared soups are not low carb, but making your own is very simple. A good base for homemade soup is chicken stock made from your left over chicken bones. Place in a pan and cover with water, bring to the boil and simmer for at least 30 minutes, longer if you have time. You can then add to this any combination of low carb vegetables as you like. Mushrooms, peppers and onions make a very satisfying soup.

For the main course of your dinner, meat will probably become the main staple of your diet. If you look at your favorite dishes you will see that many of them can be adapted to suit your diet.

For instance the Sunday roast. You would probably include in your roast dinner, roast meat, potatoes, carrots, green vegetables, cauliflower cheese etc. When cooking a low carb version, the only ingredients you would leave out are the potatoes and the cheese sauce. By adding extra green vegetables and grating some strong cheddar cheese on the cauliflower before grilling it, your meal is much the same as everyone else’s.

Many people assume that being on a low carb diet means no dessert. It can be difficult as ingredients such as sugar and chocolate are off the list. But yet again many recipes can be adjusted to replace sugar with a sweetener or no sugar alternatives. Sugar free jelly is a good stand-by when you fancy something sweet. Low carb cheesecake is a very substantial dinner dessert. But if you want something quick and simple to make, here is 2 deliciously sweet desserts that I have tried.

Strawberry Pecan Whip:


125g sugar free, low calorie strawberry jelly
225ml boiling water
225ml cold water 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
2 tablespoons pecan pieces, toasted
50ml semi-skimmed ricotta cheese


Dissolve the jelly in the boiling water, stirring until completely dissolved. Add the cold water and place in the refrigerator until partially set. Stir the pecans and vanilla essence into the ricotta cheese. Using a whisk add to the jelly and whip until mixed. Divide between 4 bowls and refrigerate once more to set before serving.

Apricot Almond Custard


6 dried apricots
125ml skimmed milk
2g sweetener
1/4 teaspoon almond essence
1 egg
1 tablespoon flaked almonds


Preheat the oven to 180C /350F. Bring a small saucepan of water to the boil and add the apricots. Boil for 3-4 minutes to re-hydrate them, drain and roughly chop. Place the apricots, milk, sweetener, almond essence and egg in a small bowl and mix together. Divide between 2 ovenproof dishes or ramekins. Sprinkle with the almonds and bake for 30 minutes or until the custard is firm.

Being on a low carb diet is particularly useful if you have to cook for the family and do not want to cook separate meals. By adapting and adjusting some of the ingredients, you can eat many of the same things as the rest of the family. It is important however that you do your research and know your low carb foods. If buying packaged foods read the labels first to check the carbohydrate content. Some foods contain surprisingly high carbohydrate levels. Getting a carbohydrates list can be useful, either from a diet book or online.

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5 Fat Burning Foods You Can Eat to Get Slim

I have been seeking a simple but effective solution to losing my stomach fat and this food list is the closet I have got so far. Ok so there really are no secrets to losing excess stomach fat. Simply give the body what it needs to function, in the right amounts and at the right time.

So what are the foods you should be eating to get slim? Here is my recommended diet food list.

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1. Lean Meat and Very Low Fat Vegetarian Products
These provide protein, which is essential for the health and maintenance of the body. Only small amounts are needed but a protein food – meat, fish or a veggie alternative – should be included in every diet menu. You will feel more satisfied and less likely to overeat, avoiding the energy highs and lows that can be experienced when you eat carbohydrates alone. At the same time you will be supporting the healthy functioning and repair of your body.

2. Oily Fish, Fish and Seafood
Again these foods are in the protein group so can be used as a substitute for meat. Oily fish in particular play a big part in a healthy diet by providing valuable Omega 3 – a polyunsaturated fat that is essential for good cardiovascular health. Choose oily fish as your diet meal at least twice a week.

Protein requires more calories to be digested and processed by the body than do carbohydrates and fats – it effectively increases the metabolic rate. This combined with its effect of making us feel fuller for longer, acting as a sort of appetite suppressant, means protein from lean meat, fish and seafood is an ally in the battle of the bulge and is why high protein diet menus have become so popular.

3. Fruit
Fruit is full of antioxidants, essential nutrients, phytonutrients, fibre and water and it is delicious. Eat whole fruits rather than juices as the body needs the fibre contained within the whole fruit to maintain good bowel health. Use generous portions of fresh fruit in your weight loss recipes.

4. Vegetables
Like fruit, vegetables are packed with nutrients and fibre. Try to incorporate the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day into your diet. It is one of the few diet recommendations that the various food agencies and medical authorities agree upon.

Ideally eat fruits and vegetables with every meal for a balanced diet. Most fruits and vegetables help to restore the body to its natural alkaline state, which in turn helps to prevent the leaching of minerals such as calcium from the body.

5. Water
It may be the final item on the list but that doesn’t make it any the less valuable. Use herbal tea or add lemon or ginger if that makes water more palatable to you. Avoid carbonated drinks, even the diet sort. Water keeps the body hydrated and helps with the regular elimination of waste products. It’s the nearest thing we have to a diet miracle but it is regularly overlooked because there is no expensive marketing campaign promoting its use.

So that’s my diet and food list that will help you get slim. No secrets, no miracles just good common sense advice.

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