The Harcombe Diet. What Diet Plan Experts Don’t Tell You

The Harcombe diet is the latest breakthrough of thorough research and diet plan investigation. You may have heard about people telling that in order to lose weight, you need to take lesser calories and do more exercise. Well, this is the old advice that caused millions of Americans to become obese and gain excessive amounts of weight. In actuality, this diet plan is the result of extensive research that took scientist and nutritionist 20 years of analysis. This is not your typical diet plan that tells you to eat less and do more. There are particular phases that you need to understand in order to get the marvelous results from this well researched diet plan.

This diet plan consists of 3 major phases that will certainly enliven your dream of having a slimmer body. Unlike the renowned ‘calorie theory’ advised to most individuals starting on the path of losing weight, this diet has got three major phases that will teach you to eat only the real foods. What do I mean by real foods? Those foods that nature intends you to consume as a human being. You have it correctly – those fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy meat. If we take things naturally in sufficient amount for our human body to survive, there would be no slots for unnecessary stored fats and calories. This may seem to be very surprising but the 20-year extensive research has proven it.

First phase:

The first phase of this diet tackles the initial weight loss by getting into an effective routine by observing a new diet plan. In short, you stop your past routine of taking lesser calories. A lot of people find this very challenging because their body and mind has accustomed to the old calorie theory which makes them victims of the old false rules. As a matter of fact, the old diet advice that you get from people is the main cause of obesity. In other words, eating less and doing more can never heal the growing weight problems you have. Following the old false rule might get you into trouble. A sad fact but already penetrated the diet arena of people taking weight loss programs.

Second phase:

This is the phase where you actuality get the long term weight loss part of the diet plan. This will bear the key to reach your ultimate goal; losing weight. The main focus of this phase is to remove all your present fat cravings caused by food intolerance and candida. The phase focuses more on the psychological matter of the one taking on this diet.

When the craving is reduced or significantly removed, it wouldn’t be hard to take all the healthy foods that nature intends you to eat. This phase is simple but never easy. You need to fight your cravings and emotional attraction towards the foods that you usually enjoy – that could be a great battle between your goal and your inner desire.

Third phase:

This phase is unique. This is where you stop following the diet and take on to the normal eating of healthy foods that nature intends you to take. In this way, your body and mind is programmed to such a way that you no longer crave for chocolates and sweet cakes.¬† What are targeted on this phase are your will and your mind. As you can observe, the diet focuses more on the psychological matters and mind setting on the individual and pushing the individual to take the natural and original way of how human beings take foods from their natural habitat. Some of the approaches of Harcombe are very similar to Medifast’s approach.

This diet takes courage and determination. What it really focuses on are your attitudes in taking full responsibility over your body weight. Besides, you can’t blame anyone but yourself. Your desire to get a slimmer body will be put to the test. This is where you can assess the real you and your attitude towards the foods you consume. As always, nothing beats¬† what nature intends for us.The Harcombe diet is the latest diet that anyone can follow without actually taking the old false rules of losing weight and eliminating obesity in our society.

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