The Kardashian Diet – The Matabolic Makeover

The Kardashian diet is a highly controversial one as Kim Kardashian who appears to be a goddess when it comes to fitness promotes products that show results, but may not necessarily be good for the body. She says she follows the diet herself and takes the supplements that she endorses.

The Kardashian Diet – What Its About

The Kardashian Diet is actually a very simple plan as there isn’t much to it. Kim says she works out for an hour each day without fail and limits her intake of refined carbohydrates and unnecessary sugars. In addition to this she consumes large amounts of fruits and vegetables each day. Her breakfast consists of complex carbohydrates like oatmeal and protein like eggs and turkey. In addition to a healthy breakfast, her preferred method of cooking for lunch and dinner is grilling. She also speaks about supplements like Burn & Cleanse and Extreme Burn which she takes as well. Burn & Cleanse is a supplement that takes a fortnight for the results to show and Extreme Burn gets to work within 48 hours showing excellent results. The Kardashian Diet is a mix of exercising regularly, healthy eating and supplements that aid in weight loss.

The Kardashian Diet – Supplements

A lot of people are skeptical about supplements because you never know what they may contain. But these supplements are an essential part of the Kardashian Diet and Kim swears by them. Kim says that she does not ask people to take the supplements and then eat whatever they like. She says that the supplement must be complimented by a healthy lifestyle in which you eat controlled amounts and varieties of food and stick to a healthy exercise regimen. According to Kim, she takes Burn and Cleanse when she is not in a hurry to lose weight. Burn and Cleanse helps lose weight over a fortnight and also detoxify the body. On the other hand, according to Kim, if you are in a hurry to lose weight because you have a shoot or you’re attending an important function, Extreme Burn is the way to go because it shows results overnight.

The Kardashian Diet – Pros

The Kardashian diet advocates healthy eating and exercise along with supplements. Healthy eating amalgamated with an exercise routine is excellent for the body. Another pro of the Kardashian diet is the immediate action of the supplements. 14 days or 48 hours is record time for any diet to show results. The fact that the supplements are safe or not is another issue. But they definitely do deliver results in a short period of time which no other diet can really claim.

The Kardashian Diet – Drawbacks

The supplements Kim talks about in her diet contain Caffeine, White Willow Bark, Herbal Laxatives and Piperine. Caffeine is a diuretic and its effect becomes even more powerful with White Willow and Piperine. Large amounts of coffee can be seriously harmful to the body resulting in mental and physical problems such as nervousness, high blood pressure, insomnia, dehydration, acidity and acid reflux, shaking hands, palpitation, irritability and many other serious issues. To have to risk all of this to lose weight is definitely not worth it.

It is likely that you will regain all weight lost once you stop the supplements because the weight lost is mostly water. There is a very delicate balance between the organs in the human body. Herbal laxatives make the food move faster through the intestine which can lead to more problems like malabsorption of important nutrients. When the body does not receive any nutrients, hair, nails and skin are affected badly. It is possible that you may lose your hair and your skin may become dull and lifeless. Prolonged use of laxatives have shown kidney malfunction because of toxicity to the liver.

The Kardashian Diet is more a short term thing which may work but will not see you to the finish line. The claim that the supplements make is unreal because it is unsafe to lose more than a certain amount of body weight in a week. The Kardashian Diet does not speak about how to maintain weight loss after you have reached your target weight. There is no way someone can take supplements for the rest of their lives.

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